The rosary - the most powerful weapon

via Warrior
Put on all the armour received from God so that you can fend off the devil's insidious attacks.
For we are not fighting against men, but against the rulers of the world of darkness and against the invisible forces of evil. Use therefore the whole armour of God, so that on the day of attack you may be ready to defend yourselves and that you may be victorious. So be ready!

Your belt be truth, a armour-integrity. Your shoes be readiness to bring the good news of peace to people. In all situations, cover yourself shieldwhich is your faith. With it you will quench all the fiery missiles of Satan. Put on also helmetwhich is your salvationand take in your hands Sword of the Spirit, i.e. word of God.

In addition to all this, use the power of the Holy Spirit in every situation by praying to God and asking Him to have all the saints in the world in His protection.

Eph 6:11-18

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