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Piotr Glass is a very well-known Catholic priest and former exorcist who, over his 20+ years of pastoral ministry, has gained the affection, trust and respect of many of the faithful in Poland and abroad, particularly in the British Isles, where he is in daily ministry in the Diocese of Portsmouth. Two books have been produced with Peter Glass: 'Decalogue. The True Way in Times of Confusion' and 'Today You Must Choose. On the power of Mary, spiritual warfare and the end times'.

Born in Rabka, Poland, Father Piotr Glass graduated from the Catholic University of Lublin, and for over twenty-five years has worked mainly abroad - his daily ministry is in the southern part of the UK, in the Diocese of Portsmouth, but he often returns to Poland, where he is always greeted by crowds of the faithful. Father Peter Glas is a well-known retreat leader, he also often conducts conferences, preaches and celebrates Masses, and is a frequent media contributor on issues relating to the Catholic faith. In addition to his day-to-day duties, Father Glas was also an exorcist for almost ten years, and has spoken about his experiences of actively and most severely battling demons and Satan on many occasions during interviews and in his publications.

Father Peter Glass is equally well known for his strong devotion to the Virgin Mary and for his often controversial views, which have often been the subject of discussions on the internet, including those involving representatives of the Polish Episcopate.

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