St Joseph's Circle

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St Joseph's Circle is an initiative to prayerfully help people who are dying. In response to the appeal of the Lord Jesus in St Faustina's Diary that many people go to hell because no one prays for them. St Joseph's Circle was set up to save just these souls.
If you become a member of St Joseph's Circle you will receive a text message with the name of a person who is dying or in immediate danger of death. The names of these people are sent by members of the Circle and mostly by medical staff: ED staff, community nurses. Members receive only the name of the person and, as far as possible, surround that person with their prayers.

If you would like to be included in our initiative, send your details (i.e. First Name Last Name) to the phone number (508 718 811) and a coordinator will text you the name of the person dying.

Today we pray for souls: 

Michael, Joseph, Ilona, Stanislaw, Zbigniew, Joanna, Christopher, Herbert, Francis, Thomas, Irenaeus, Marta, Veronica, Zbigniew, Barbara, Zbigniew, Jolanta, Jack and Margaret

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