Beloved Guardian Angel, pray for us: A beautiful prayer to the guardian angel

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In the Christian tradition, prayer to the guardian angel is deeply rooted as a beautiful spiritual practice. "Angel of God, my guardian" is often the first prayer that children learn from an early age, and its simplicity conceals a deep meaning. In this article, we will look at the meaning of guardian angels, their role in everyday life and how praying to them can lead us towards eternal happiness.

Who is a guardian angel and what is its role?

A guardian angel is a heavenly messenger assigned to us by God's providence to guard us in our daily lives. Their presence reassures us that God does not leave us to our own devices and that we have a spiritual guardian in heaven.

  • Divine protection: God, as our Creator and all-powerful Father, has assigned each of us a guardian angel to guard us at all times.
  • Spiritual support: The guardian angel not only protects against evil, but also directs our thoughts towards the good and helps us to grow spiritually.
  • A sacred presence: Some saints, such as St Padre Pio and St Anthony, recounted their experiences with guardian angels, highlighting their presence and spiritual help.

Why pray to a guardian angel?

Prayer to the guardian angel is a beautiful practice that can enrich our spiritual life. By asking the guardian angel for help, support and guidance, we can achieve peace of mind and a sense of security.

  • Prayer to the guardian angel: This prayer allows us to establish a personal relationship with our spiritual guardian. "Angel of God, my guardian" is one of the most well-known prayers that is worth praying every day.
  • Spiritual support: This prayer gives a sense of the presence of a guardian angel who helps us to fight temptations and difficulties.
  • Discovering providence: By saying this prayer, we learn to trust in God's providence and realise that God cares for us even in the smallest aspects of life.

What is the prayer to the guardian angel?

The prayer to the guardian angel is simple and beautiful. Below is the full text of this prayer:

"Angel of God, my guardian, You always stand by me. Morning, evening, day, night, be always to my aid. Guard my soul, my body, lead me to eternal life. Amen."

What do the words mean?

  • "Angel of God, my guardian": We begin the prayer by calling on our guardian, the angel assigned to us by God himself.
  • "Morning, evening, day, night": Asking the angel for support at any time of the day or night shows how we need his constant presence.
  • "Lead me to eternal life": The final part of the prayer expresses our hope for eternal happiness through the intercession of the guardian angel.

How can a guardian angel help us in our daily lives?

The guardian angel is a spiritual guardian who guides us through the challenges of everyday life. Through prayer we can understand how the angel helps us in different situations.

Spiritual guidance:

  • Direct your first thoughts to God: The guardian angel helps us to focus on God's presence from the beginning of the day, directing our first thoughts towards prayer.
  • Overcoming temptation: Our guardian angel is always ready to guard us against temptations and help us to persevere in our pursuit of good.

Practical assistance:

  • Decision support: When we feel lost, praying to a guardian angel allows us to take a moment of reflection to make the right decision.
  • Defence against the enemy: Our guardian guards us against the various forms of evil that can occur in everyday life.

How does the intercession of the guardian angel affect our spirituality?

The intercession of the guardian angel has a profound effect on our spirituality, enabling us to better understand God's plan for our lives and directing us on the path to holiness.

Intercession of the saints:

  • Holy angel: Our guardian angel is part of the host of holy guardian angels who look after us by God's grace.
  • The humble carer: The guardian angel helps us to remain humble, recognising our dependence on God's support.

The spiritual face:

  • A bond with God's providence: Through the intercession of the guardian angel, we feel connected to God's providence, which cares for us in a spiritual way.
  • Discovering love: By praying to a guardian angel, we can discover the love and patience with which God takes care of us through his angel.

How do you incorporate prayer to the guardian angel into your daily spiritual practice?

To benefit fully from the support of a guardian angel, it is worth including this prayer in your daily spiritual practice. This can be a simple but effective way of providing spiritual support.

Daily practice:

  • Start of the day: Start each day with prayer to a guardian angel to direct their first thoughts towards God.
  • Evening Prayer: In the evening, thank the angel for its vigil and ask for further support.

Other forms of practice:

  • The intercession of the angel: You can also pray to your guardian angel for the intentions of others, asking him for support for family and friends.
  • Spiritual reflection: Take a moment to meditate on how your guardian angel has helped you in the past day to appreciate its care.

The most important things to remember

Prayer to the guardian angel can become the key to deep spiritual support to help us find our way to God's providence and love.

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